Terms and Conditions

Consenting adults

Everything that may occur beyond my fair companionship is a choice made between two consenting adults (Over 18 years).


In case of disrespect to me or if the event become rude, vulgar, unhealthy or if I feel uncomfortable or my safety is compromised, at any time, I reserve the right to cancel the date without refund, with the blacklisting of your number.


Cases require a reservation (consult). If there is still a balance due, it must be presented within the first 10 minutes of our date. Try not to make me ask for it and please, and never negotiate a reduction. It is very rude, breaks the magic and you will always have the same negative answer.

Public meeting (only with reservation payment) : Don’t hand me an envelope. I won’t accept it. Tuck the unsealed envelop in a gift bag or a book and presented to me without referring to it.

Private meeting : The unsealed envelop should be displayed in clear view. I will collect it while you excuse yourself to freshen up.

A great time…

Hygiene is the key… I do expect you to get squeaky clean while we’re together, as it is essential for me and will make that our time together will always be unique and that you take full advantage of my companionship.


Then you can book me below…



How to contact me…



The form below is exclusively reserved for requests related to fetishism and domination. All requests related to sex, are not allowed.

You will have the time to express yourself and I will respond all the serious and according requests.

New clients

If you can provide on the form contact, 2 references of active companion you met, all will be more easy. If not, you have to prove your identity and make me feel relax.

Please note that I can not answer all the new requests… even the correct ones. Thank you for your patience and your courtesy and to give us a chance to meet.

(Please always check your spam box as my answer might go there).


GFE / Companion

WhatsApp or phone are just to make an appointment and see if our tastes are related.

But it is possible to book a very special time ** on the phone or by WhatsApp.

Phone : Monday – Friday / 12.30 h – 24.00 h

WhatsApp or calls (+ 34 676 443 524)

I do not answer hidden call or calls out of hours.


Screening and Confidentiality

You should know that I assure you maximum privacy and confidentiality. My safety and your privacy are of the upmost importance. Any method of verification I ask is handled very discreetly.

Name, Age, Home-city, Hotel (required)

My Email (required)

Mobil phone number with prefix

Who I am : Nationality, Appearance, Personality, Pro-background

My references - Experience and valid references(Phone required) with the entertainers

My Message to Natalia-M - Wishes

Request for access code to the private fetish zone - A description of your experiences and wishes are requested

Social event from 0.30 h €100Phone session from 0.30 h €1001.00 h €2501.30 h €3502.00 h €5004.00 h Diner date €600