I prefer longer engagements than new clients. Therefore, I only relate to educated gentlemen, who know how to make a woman feel cared and special. Your manners must be as exquisite as mine to you.

Courteous and gentlemanly behavior are expected at all times.


It’s important for me to take care of my appearance and hygiene, and put in maximum effort for our date.

Therefor I expect the same in return from the people I choose to meet. This includes taking a recent complete shower, and shaving just before we meet. If this is not possible (because you are coming to our date directly from work or other engagement, and/or we are spending time together in public at the start of our date) ; I ask that you take time to shower and freshen up at the beginning of our private time together.

Last minute date

I don’t accept the last minute dates ! Because I like to give quality time, I’m not the type of girl who has last minute dates. Gentlemen who plan their meeting with me in anticipation are welcome.


I’m not a party girl… I do not smoke, do not drug or drink alcohol.

My idea to enjoy life and pleasure is different. En case of longer engagement, know that I also need 9 hours sleep each day.

I never accept unprotected sex.

Duplex with an other girl are possible. I can introduce friend of mine if you like the idea…


Are considered a gift for my time and companionship only. Please, do not try to negotiate a reduction, it breaks the magic and you will always have the same negative answer. Must be presented in the first 10 minutes of our meeting.


How do I make a date with you... ?

Please go to my Booking page for contact information and a list of details I’ll need to verify you.

Also, feel free to use the form to describe how you see our date … more details to plan a better date

Your photos on this website..... ?

Very Dear, all the photos you see on this site are from me, authentics and recents. So please don’t ask me for more. there is a lot and I change them regularly…since I love the photos ! You will never have bad surprise with me.

Then do not ask me for a picture of my face and never send me nude pictures of you. These are reasons to blacklist you.

It's the first time for me....

Do not worry, if it’s the first time, we can start with a dinner or cocktail. You will then be able to see that you feel very good with me … and that everything happens in a natural way